Amenity Horticulture Services: National Diploma

  • Hedge cutting of a standard thickness. No use of a chainsaw. Height no issue up to and beyong 6ft. Subject to inspection of site.

  • Rotary mowing and strimming. Additional spraying upon request (PA1 & PA6 certified.)

  • Advice on suitable plants according to your garden’s soil, moisture and ph balance.

  • Advice on addressing soil ph balance, conditions and aspect of plants.

  • Advice on measures to address drainage and soil issues.

  • Advice on plant combination following re-conditioning.


Garden Design: Diploma

  • Design of different plant combinations and selections based on colour, flora/fauna and seasonal preferences.

  • High Pressure Washing (using KARCHER Full Control 4.)

  • Turf Laying subject to agreement of a scheduled date. Inspection before quotation is provided.

  • Assessment of site. What overgrowth needs to be removed and transportation of debris organised.

  • Visitation to ascertain your needs – not contractually binding and you will receive a quote.


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